In English

The SDP is a modern, centre left party, which aims to unite the potential of the political system with the hopes and optimism of our progressive ideals.

Our key values include:

A fair society – A society without fairness, is a society without meaning. Success, opportunity and freedom must be open to all people, and society should reward hard work and fair-play – not greed, status or chance. The measure of people should be their respect for others, not their wealth and background or characteristics such as race, sexuality or gender.

A supportive state – States should not decide how people live their lives, but they can give people the power to choose for themselves. The state should not be an authority above citizens, but a solid base below them – on which they can build their lives with the services and security they need to pursue their dreams.

A sustainable future – We cannot ignore the great problems of tomorrow, for the small benefits of today. Environmental damage, reckless economic activity and a weakening of social care all pose threats to the future of our country and our world. An active state and international cooperation must be the tools with which we build a sustainable future.

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